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Call now: (330) 733-8422

Call now: (330) 733-8422

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Great Quality Parts For Every Car

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Brokemen Automotive was founded on the principal of quality service. We pride ourselves upon selecting the most quality automotive inventory. Our philosophy is "Why buy new, when used will do?"
Purchasing new or used, most new parts are just remanufactured whether mentioned or not. We have come to learn this is the industry standard.


We are highly competitive in the industry

We are top rated in the industry. We are known for our wide selection of used and aftermarket parts. All our parts are warrantied to be a good fit for your car.



Brokemen Automotive has been in the automotive industry over 35 years.
The owner started out in the industry as a sole proprietor in 1975, raised 2 of his children to understand the mechanical end of repair and the value in used parts. The company was the later then established under the name Brokemen Automotive with the same virtues and values as the original owner.

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